Things To Consider When Planning a School Carnival

It’s that time of year again! Parents, teachers, and students will soon come together to plan the annual school carnival. School carnivals are an incredible way for schools to build community spirit and raise money for special programs or other projects for the school year. That said, hosting such an event can take a lot of preparation and planning. Use this list of things to consider when planning a school carnival so that you can bring this momentous event to fruition.

Choose an Appropriate Date and Time

The date of your school carnival will depend on several factors, such as the availability of teachers, volunteers, parents, and students, the weather forecast, and any other ongoing events. You’ll also want to choose a time that fits the school day to ensure students and teachers can participate. This decision can also relieve the burden on parents who arrange rides for their children.

Consider extending the invitation to parents and caregivers so that they feel involved and can lend a helping hand should the opportunity present itself. Some can request time off work, and others may wish to volunteer at the event.

Set a Suitable Budget

Before locking in details for the school carnival, set a suitable budget. This small step can help ensure you allocate your money wisely, as things tend to be tight within school organizations. A budget will also highlight areas where you have more wiggle room to spend on supplies, additional entertainment, or accommodations.

Get Organized

Organization is key when planning a successful school carnival, especially with so many moving parts and helping hands. Consider creating a carnival committee or team that includes teachers, parents, and a small group of students who can help plan and carry out the event. Afterward, create task lists for each team member to ensure you cover all your bases.

Parents and teachers can work together to tackle vending, catering, or activity provisions. Students can chip in ideas for themes, games, activities, and ways to make things engaging for their peers. With all hands on deck, the organization will help pull off an unforgettable experience.

Find Volunteers

You’ll need plenty of volunteers for your school carnival to ensure everything runs smoothly. It’s likely that a small group of parents and caregivers will volunteer, but typically, their help will not be enough. Contact small local businesses or organizations to see if they would be willing to donate their time and effort to the event.

It is advantageous to send students home with notices alerting parents and caregivers about the event. Note that you appreciate any form of help they can offer. A good rule of thumb is the more, the merrier.

Offer Engaging Activities and Games

The activities, games, and high levels of engagement offered at a carnival are the beating heart of the event. You don’t want people to arrive and feel bored. Or worse yet, they could arrive and leave early due to a lack of engagement.

Think about adding classic carnival games such as balloon darts and ring tosses or even a dunk tank for something traditional. And don’t forget to invest in inflatable slide rentals or obstacle courses so that everyone can do something competitive, interactive, and hysterical. No carnival is complete without an inflatable activity!

Provide Finger Foods and Refreshments

You can’t experience a true carnival without appropriate carnival fare. Ensure you factor snacks into your budget to ensure everyone can enjoy the duration of their stay without worrying about food or drinks. A lack of refreshments is another issue that can send people home early. Consider the most cost-effective solution, whether having volunteers shop for and set up the snack stations or catering the event with a local company.

Make Sure Everyone Knows

Once you plan all the details of your school carnival, advertise it far and wide to receive the community turnout you’re looking for. Send out flyers in students’ backpacks, post signs around town and in popular local shops, and get the word out on social media to spread the word. Rely on your helping hands to share news about the school’s carnival so that the entire community is aware.

Create an Event Page on Social Media

Nowadays, an excellent way to spread the word about any event, specifically your school carnival, is to create an event page on social media. This type of advertising will allow people from all over the community to see when the event is happening and stir a lot of excitement around attending. Be sure to include all the important information, such as the date, time, location, and activities.

Also, consider including notes about provided snacks, accommodations, and information about who can attend, such as family, friends, or others. You can also use the page to post updates and photos throughout the day so that everyone can follow along with the festivities. The social media page can serve as a hub for annual carnivals where the community can stay in the know and contribute to ensuring next year’s event is a success.

Keep the Carnival Safe

School carnivals can be chaotic events, so it’s important to make sure that everyone stays safe. Have a designated area for younger children to play in and monitor them closely. Make sure volunteers are looking out for any potential hazards, such as broken glass or slippery surfaces. And most importantly, don’t forget to bring first aid kits.

Consider placing a volunteer at each activity or station to ensure there is always supervision. Also, consider requesting the presence of your local authorities to provide an additional layer of safety from external hazards.

Offer a Raffle With Prizes

Adding a raffle with prizes is an excellent way to make your school carnival even more exciting and engaging. This activity can also ensure participation throughout the event and encourage folks to stay the course in anticipation of the drawing.

Ask local businesses or organizations if they would be willing to donate items for the raffle, then set up a booth at the carnival where people can purchase raffle tickets. This activity raises money for special projects or programs while allowing you to give out some exciting prizes and keep guests engaged.

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