Things To Know Before Renting an Inflatable Water Slide

Are you planning a party or event that requires some exciting and fun activities? Consider renting an inflatable water slide! It’s the perfect way to keep your guests entertained, no matter their age. But before you dive into booking, learn below the things to know before renting an inflatable water slide.

What Is an Inflatable Water Slide?

An inflatable water slide is a large, air-filled, bouncy structure with water on the exterior. It usually has a ladder on one end for climbing up and a slide on the other end for sliding down into a pool of water at the bottom. Inflatable water slides come in various sizes, shapes, and designs to fit different needs and preferences.

They are easy to set up and are usable both indoors and outdoors. However, space is a factor to consider when setting up a water slide. These slides are quite large and require various accommodations to achieve optimal safety, so most people opt to set them up outdoors.

Benefits of Renting an Inflatable Water Slide

There are many reasons why renting an inflatable water slide is a great idea for your party or event. First, it adds an element of excitement and fun to any gathering. A water slide is the perfect way to keep guests entertained for hours while also providing a refreshing way to cool off on hot Arizonan days. Additionally, inflatable water slides can accommodate multiple users at once, making it an ideal activity for larger groups.

Safety Reassurance

At first glance, inflatable water slides may seem like they could be dangerous. Therefore, one key thing to know before renting an inflatable water slide is how well the providing company can adhere to safety guidelines. Before leaving the water slide in your hands, the rental company should provide you with guidelines and instructions on proper use. Make sure everyone attending the party also receives these instructions to minimize the risk of accidents from improper use. Additionally, station an adult at the slide to supervise children while they enjoy the attraction. Consider rotating supervisors to avoid one person missing all the fun.

Rent With Bouncin Bins in Phoenix

Bouncin Bins in Phoenix offers a wide range of inflatable water slide rentals to suit all types of gatherings and events. We proudly offer safety instructions, clean equipment, and superior services so you can rest easy and enjoy the experience. Browse our inflatable inventory today to get started!