4 Tips for Hosting a Fun Back-to-School Event

A back-to-school party can be a great way to build community and garner excitement about the new year. That said, bringing everyone together in a memorable and meaningful way can be challenging. We took the time to gather our best tips for hosting a fun back-to-school event to help you prepare for the main event!

Get Creative With Invitations

The invitation you choose will create your guests’ first impressions of the event. Get creative with the design and think outside the box to make it stand out. Consider using bright colors, fun fonts, and photos or illustrations to give your invitation some personality. If the school uses social media, consider creating a digital copy of the invite and posting it to the school’s page for parents and caregivers who follow the page.

Choose Creative Activities

Choose activity stations that are interactive across a range of ages and entertainment levels to really make your back-to-school event memorable. Consider traditional table games and craft stations to spread out the entertainment. You can add party inflatable rentals as well to give guests a way to spend their energy. Jumping around, tackling an obstacle course, and laughing hysterically with other friends and faculty can set the tone for a back-to-school event.

Have Refreshments Available

Make sure to have some snacks and refreshments available to keep your guests energized throughout the event. Choose something special that ties into the back-to-school theme or honors the school’s colors and mascot. Items such as decorated cookies and cupcakes, easy finger foods, and beverage stations with plenty of water can ensure there’s ample sustenance. Help everyone relax and enjoy the activities without worrying about appetites.

Offer Prizes for Participation

Offering prizes is another great way to encourage participation and inject more fun into your back-to-school event. Consider creating small prizes, such as gift cards or school supplies, for participants who win games or complete various activities. Create a healthy level of competition within each activity and get creative with the prizes to maintain interest levels.

With these quick and simple tips for hosting a fun back-to-school event, you’re ready to start planning and preparing. Bouncin Bins in Phoenix makes adding that fun element to your school events a breeze! Partner with a member of our team today to learn about our inventory of inflatable party rentals and availability for your event.